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GoPro is more than a gadget. It is a revolution of our spirits. It is the perfect tool of the fearless adventurer who wishes to share his excitement with the world. These being said, this camera is awesome, so there’s no wonder adventurers of all ages want one in their bag. Creating daring videos has never been easier, thanks to such tiny little gadgets that have changed the way we see the world. The only problem is that you can’t use the camera just as it is, there’s a good market for GoPro Hero accessories that can offer an enhanced experience to all adventurers and users of this cool gadget.

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GoPro Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip
Compatible with all GoPro Cameras including HERO, HERO3: White Edition, HERO 3+: Black Edition, HERO3+: Silver Edition, HERO4 Silver, & HERO4 Black.

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GoPro The Frame for HERO5 Black Edition (GoPro Official Mount) by GoPro
The frame allows full-time access to USB-C and HDMI ports for convenient data offload, live-feed video, charging, and enables optimal audio capture during low-speed activities


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CamKix Frame Mount for GoPro® Hero 4, 3+, and 3
The open design enables the GoPro camera to optimize its audio function to capture sound like huffing-puffing and surf, yet still offers the camera very compact and snug protection.

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GoPro Remote Control
Long-Range Remote Control: Control your camera from distances of up to 600′ (180m) in optimal conditions. Control Mulitple Cameras: Enables control of up to 50 GoPro Cameras at a time – perfect for mulitcam setups.

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Wasabi Power Battery & Charger
Compatible with the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver models; Wasabi Power charger works with GoPro batteries; GoPro charger and camera can charge Wasabi Power batteries

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GoPro Dive Housing for HERO4, HERO3+ and HERO3
Waterproof to 197’/60m: Ultra Durable: Holds up to extreme activities


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GoPro Roll Bar Mount by GoPro


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Gopro Filter 3-Pack: Red Filter, Magenta Filter, Snorkel Filter: Hero4 Accessory


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  • Compatible with Hero4/3 Plus 40m Waterproof housing only (will not fit Hero3/3 Plus Dive Housing)
  • Red Filter for Tropical and Blue Water Color Correction (12 to 80 Ft)
  • Magenta Filter for Green Water Color Correction (12 to 80 ft)
  • Snorkel Filter for Shallow water (2 to 12 feet)
  • All filters have a secure pressure fit for quick install/removal


Ram Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount
RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount, Short Double Socket Arm & 1″ Diameter Ball with Custom GoPro Hero Adapter.

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GoPro Floaty Backdoor
Great for snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding or other deep-water activity. Includes two Adhesive Anchors and Camera Tethers for added security in extreme conditions.

Floaty Backdoor
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The Accessory Pro® 12 inch Stainless Steel Tether Lanyard compatible with all GoPro® cameras
Attach to anything you can think of for added security, bikes, helmets, snowboards, boats, jetskis, etc.


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GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
LCD touch screen allowing for easy visual control of camera and settings. Wih LCD screen preview what you will shoot or play back your photos and videos.

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GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts
Drop inserts into sides of camera housing to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments.

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GoPro Chest Mount
Lets you wear all GoPro cameras (except Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera) on your chest.

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P.O.V Kit Action Camera Mount for Capture Camera Clip
Works with all versions of Capture: P.O.V. Kit works best with Capture v2 and CapturePRO, but can also be used with original Capture units.

POV backpak-strap
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Removu RM-R1 Live View Remote for GoPro HERO3/HERO3+/HERO4 (Black)
Wi-Fi live view + remote control – 2.0 inch high resolution display – 3-hours operating time – Wearable design & mountable to camera – Playback your scenes right on your wrist.


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GoPro Rechargable Battery for HERO4
1160mAh lithium-ion battery: High-quality rechargeable battery for your HERO4 BLACK or HERO4 SILVER (ONLY) Camera

Rechargeable_battery Hero4

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FloatPro GoPro & Waterproof Camera Float
FloatPro offers the highest quality floating straps in the market to keep your camera safe in the water.


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If you’ve got one yourself, you are surely going to need a good and reliable SD card, a solid carrying case and a selfie stick, to name only a few of the GoPro Hero accessories most people use. In order to find them, you can do an online search, as there are many websites that sell such items. You might even get free shipping, so it’s worth taking a look into what’s available. You can save a lot of time by not going to brick and mortar shops. Besides, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can always send everything back and ask for a refund.

For more efficiency, you can start by browsing various websites and forums dedicated to GoPro lovers, in order to see what kind of accessories they use and recommend. If you are new to this type of camera, you may not know what it can do, so it’s a good idea to learn from more experienced users. Once you’ve learned what’s possible, you can go ahead and include those accessories on your list.

See 5 of the Best GoPro Selfie Stick Reviews here.

When doing your research, you should consider big retailers, but also websites like, where you can find awesome things for only a fraction of the price from new. This is a good idea, especially if you are on a shoestring budget. Why pay more when you can find the same things for less? The money isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket, so you can do yourself a favor and buy used accessories. However, you should check their condition carefully, as you wouldn’t be too happy to get a selfie stick that doesn’t hold your camera tight in position.

Discussion forums are another good resource, as many users might attempt to sell their old equipment there. Whenever they upgrade to better or newer gadgets, they thy to recover some of the money spent on their older ones by selling them online. There are people who always want the latest features and the best performance, so they are going to sell their gadgets and accessories they’ve barely used. Since they consider these items outdated, they might be very happy with less than half their original prices. If you are lucky to find them, you can enjoy awesome accessories for your GoPro camera without having to spend a lot of money on them.

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