Fastest Micro SD Card Shootout! – Samsung Vs. Sony Vs. SanDisk

Here’s a shootout between world’s fastest Class 10 micro SD cards including the Samsung PRO 64GB, Sony HighSpeed XC 64GB, and SanDisk Extreme PRO, all of them rated at 90MB/s or higher.

Full Review & Transcript Here:

For those of you looking for the fastest microSD cards, you may want to consider any one of these.

My two favorites are Samsung and Sony, I’ve had ZERO failed cards while I have around 5 failed SanDisk cards. Besides that, SanDisk cards are overpriced.

Samsung PRO micro SD 90MB/s
Sony HighSpeed XC micro SD 95MB/s
SanDisk Extreme PRO 95MB/s

If you don’t need the fastest cards, you can try Samsung or Sony’s 40Mb/s Class 10 cards instead:

Samsung Evo micro SD 48MB/s
Sony micro SD 40MB/s

Intro Music Credits:
Dub Zap from YouTube Audio Library.