GoPro 3 Way Grip, Arm, Tripod for GoPro Hero Sports Action Cameras

The GoPro 3-Way Grip refers to the 3-in-1 mount that operates like a camera grip, arm, and tripod. Ideally, it is compatible with all GoPro Hero Sports Action Cameras. It is the best model for users who intends to take selfie photos at their convenient places.

GoPro 3-way gripNotably, the flexible arm is appropriate for taking high quality photographs and offers efficient method for capturing clear selfies that are not affected by the mount that may appear in the shot. In addition, it is characterized by lightweight and mini tripod that is applicable alone or together with the handle. It expands to about 20in (50.8cm) and collapses to 7.5in (19cm).

Handles can be removed where the user apply them as camera grips. It constructed with water resistant materials that enable to function in rain seasons. It may rust because of the overexposure to water or improper storage in humid conditions. It can tolerate light rain or a few splashes of water but not much than that.

For longevity purpose, it should not be submerged in water. In case it comes into contact with excessive water, it should be dried thoroughly to avoid rusting. It is sometimes made as three in one tripod to offer high quality and premium design for use. The arm comes with an appropriate extension use to grip the cameras securely. Therefore, the tripod is quite versatile, and the user can enjoy the shots in different ways. It is smart and convenient to serve the intended purpose. The arm can be extended for various reasons. Ideally, it is easy to carry around especially when on personal activities or journey.

The battery is also included on the GoPro 3-way grip. It makes the use of the grip, arm, and tripod easy to use while serving your photographing and video recording. The grip is rotatable for 360 degrees to allow the user to capture the images from all directions. In this case, the angle can be rotated well and easily. The quick clip allows for quick remove from the bag or safety harness. The arm is always extendable and foldable for convenient to carry.


  • Rotate 360 degrees
  • Inexpensive
  • 3-in one design (used as camera grip, arm, and tripod)
  • Handle contains some grip- in this case, each handle can be separated with the arm and serve as lightweight camera grips
  • Tripod stored inside handle is a small tripod which is removed and applied independently or together with the handle.
  • Water-resistant- designed to use in moisturized environment


  • It is water resistant and not waterproof
  • The GoPro 3 way rusts when placed in moisturized environments
  • No cushioning or grip for end of stick
  • Sometimes it is short when extended and may not serve the intended purpose
  • The construction may be delicate and not strong enough to avoid damages
  • It may work with standard GoPro mount only

Finally, GoPro 3 Way Grip is appropriate for use since it serves a different purpose regardless of the situation/environment.