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Wind_surfingIf you are planning to buy a GoPro Hero action camera, especially the all-new GoPro Hero5 Black or Session then make sure you also buy the Best GoPro Micro SD card that matches its specifications. GoPro does not offer any of its own or built-in SD cards, so while buying the camera choose a GoPro SD card carefully. These days the tech market is full of the latest types of micro  SD cards for sports action cameras. Thus, choosing a sports action memory card can be really confusing and frustrating.

The GoPro Micro SD Card

Since GoPro® is capable of making higher definition videos, it requires an SD-Card that is compatible with its functions. Never forget that if you are trying to create an HD footage with a less effective SD card then your film might face certain problems. If any such issue occurs, check or replace your micro SD card.

GoPro does not offer their own SD cards but they definitely recommend the appropriate memory card, for example when the company launched GoPro HERO4, it recommended the buyers to only use SanDisk Extreme. However, after this recommendation, many microSD card companies came into action and rebranded their cards. After the launching of their new firmware, which was designed to make more 4K high-quality videos, they were required to produce a more efficient microSD card. GoPro users have many storage data cards to choose from when shopping for their sports action underwater cameras.

Few of the best-recommended GoPro Micro SD Card are as follows:

SanDisk Extreme 64GB (New version)


SanDisk Extreme card is the latest version launched by the company. The card is the best for UHS-I U3 speed class. However, the older one was only good for UHS-I U1 speed class. It has been observed that both cards are acceptable for GoPro Hero4 but the newer version is found to be more efficient and is easily available too as compared to the older version.


SanDisk Extreme 32GB (New version)

SanDisk Extreme

This SD Card is ranked among the top ten SD cards. The speed is not that fast like one required by GoPro Hero4 but works in GoPro Hero all the same. It is to be considered that the brand has recently modified this version and is now available in grey and red color.



Lexar 633X 64GB

This company marks speed at its own. Its read speed is 95MB/s however, write speed is not labeled on the product. The write-up speed is lower than the company claims. However, you can use this card on both models of GoPro Hero4 without any issue.



Lexar 633X 32GB/16GB

Lexar is one of the biggest players in the SD Card market and is known for making high quality memory cards. This model of Lexar is perfect for GoPro Hero and other sports action cameras and is less expensive.




Samsung PRO 32GB


Samsung is another big player in this field. Its SD cards are officially recommended by GoPro. Its 16GB card is even in the recommended SD Card list because of the similar specifications it has. The company has also launched the latest version with the name of Samsung PRO+, which is effective on both GoPro Hero4 versions.



There are many GoPro Micro SD cards available in the market, which works well on GoPro Hero action camera. However, it is better to use the GoPro SD cards that are officially recommended by the company.


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