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If you have ever been skiing, motorcycling, snowboarding, surfing, diving, skateboarding, biking, swimming, or traveling around the world chances are you have seen or used a GoPro Hero camera to film your breathtaking experiences. GoPro cams has been excessively used by adventurers, travelers, and extreme sports folks to shoot nearly everything that requires filming hands-free. In the increasingly popular trend of using GoPro cameras to film every action in high quality 4K recording, the accessories that are compatible to GoPros and the all-new GoPro Hero5 Black have been flooding the sports action camera market. But for most of us, selecting a GoPro bundle accessory kit, or even knowing exactly which kit to purchase on what occasion can be a little overwhelming.

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GoPro: Finding Missy – 2016 USA Gold Olympian – Part 1 Hawaiian Escape

In most cases, there are always the same accessories that a GoPro should go along with. So to take the confusion away, we bring you the 3 most popular GoPro bundle accessories that will revamp your gear and give you that extra edge to make your films from stunning to absolutely, out-of-this-world astounding!

1. Black Pro Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit (13 in 1)

Whether you are an outdoorsy person who plays a lot of sports and lives in action or just want to capture your casual Sunday volleyball game, this kit has everything you need. A highly versatile, perfectly curated set of the essential accessories that go quite well with your GoPro. It is currently the best-selling bundle in the camcorder market, and for good reason. It caters the needs of a wide array of GoPro users; from amateurs to professionals, every GoPro owner should have this bundle stacked. If you’re thinking about buying this, you’re in luck, because it is on sale on Amazon at $19.99.

Black Pro Basic Common Sport Kit Accessories

2. EEEKit Accessory Kit for GoPro (8-in-1)

A multipurpose, thoughtfully designed kit that will be your travel partner whether you’re riding your bike along the Grand Canyon or climbing the Mount Everest. You can count on this kit to make for a handy GoPro companion. You will have the flexibility to mount the GoPro on your head, your chest, your floating hand, allowing you to unleash your adventurous spirit without having to worry about your GoPro. To top it all off, the accessories included in this kit are very lightweight and designed to be travel-friendly. So if you are expecting a travel journey ahead of you, be sure to grab this bad boy to meet all your filming needs on the go. This item is also currently on sale and you can buy this for $18.97 at Amazon.

EEEKit 8in1 Outdoor kit


3. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY GoPro Bundle Accessory Kit (44-in-1)

This is the most serious bundle (the Best Deal) and includes all the accessories you will ever need for your GoPro. We recommend this for the professionals and enthusiasts who are always experimenting and filming in the most unexpected ways. A truly versatile and comprehensive GoPro 44-in1 accessories sports kit that will enable you to use the GoPro Hero Camera in almost any imaginable way. Of course, with all the possible ways a GoPro camera can be used, the possibilities are limitless. All these sports action camera accessories come packed in an easy-to-carry compact GoPro case so you can take it with you, wherever you go. This GoPro bundle can easily cost about $99.99, but it is also on sale at an extremely low price of $19.99 at Amazon.

Baxia Technology 44-in-1 Accessory Kit


When you have the right GoPro bundle accessories to film that special moment or life changing thrill you can rest assure that the footage will be always Awesome!

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