GoPro Snowboard Field Guide: HERO4 Black With Hannah Teter

Athlete: Hannah Teter
Vertical: Snowboarding
Topics: HERO4 Black, 1080P Video Modes, Fields of View (FOV)

In the first episode of the HERO4 GoPro Field Guide, we meet up with Hannah Teter on her way to Cardrona resort in New Zealand, where she shows us all of the ways to use 1080p with the new HERO4 Black camera. The different frame rates and FOVs available enable you to create a variety of effects in your videos.

1080p30 – Great for static shots when there is no need to slow things down in post, as this will provide you super high image quality.

1080p60 – Head-mounted shots. Still provides you with great image quality, but boasts a high enough frame rate for slow motion shots.

1080p120 – Handheld shots, which often tend to be shaky. The high frame rate enables you to slow down the footage in post-production to create a a dramatic slow-motion effect.

1080p SuperView – Helps to keep both the horizon and the snowboard in the shot.

Field of View (FOV) – Another way to switch things up is to play with the FOV. It’s not recommended to change the FOV on head- or body-mounted shots, but it works great for shots when you are far away from the subject.

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hannah teter

As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety, the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.