GoPro Athlete Tips And Tricks: Mountain Biking With Mike Montgomery

Athlete: Mike Montgomery
Vertical: Mountain Biking
Topics: Protune Shooting Modes, Roll Bar Mount, Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount, Blackout Housing

In episode 19 of GoPro’s Athlete Tips and Tricks series, Mike Montgomery meets up with us at the GoPro Mountain Games to share his tips for mounting cameras on a mountain bike and helmet. He shows us how to use the Blackout Housing with a variety of mounts to capture different perspectives while riding on the trails. Mike also shares his favorite video mode for POV cams — 1440/48 in Protune with ISO 400.

Sending it on the trails like Mike? Capture the moment with these versatile mounts and accessories.

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As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety, the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.