The Alaska Life GoPro Selfie Stick

Selfies are now playing a crucial role in keeping our adventurous memories young throughout the lifetime. While performing extreme sporting activities like trekking, mountaineering, and skydiving, people have made it a habit of taking selfies, and to achieve this, it is very much necessary to have a selfie stick specially designed to capture sports action. One of the best GoPro selfie stick which can be used for capturing sports activities is ‘Alaska Life Selfie Stick’. This product is gaining more and more popularity in recent years, and most of the reviews about it are highly positive in nature.

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Alaska Life® Selfie Stick: More than Go Pro

Many people are using Alaska Life Selfie Stick mostly with sports action cameras. But it should be noted that this impeccable device is not just limited to Go Pro; you can also use it in multifarious devices like Smartphone, DSLR cameras etc. This device has a top-rated monopod, and it can be extended up to 36 inches. This GoPro selfie stick does not have a battery or any other electronic hardware, and this makes it the best companion to take selfies during rough conditions.

The selfie stick’s ability to connect different devices makes it the favorite pick among selfie lovers, and in all probabilities, there will not be any chances of disappointment.

Unending features and specifications
One of the major highlights of this selfie stick is its high durability. The selfie stick is being made with a very strong material, and it makes it the perfect one to use in rugged conditions. There are absolutely no chances of breakage, and you can trust it blindly while performing various adventurous sporting activities. It is made up of soft pad, and it makes it more comfortable and less slippery. The phone holder is very much strong, and this helps you to place your phone steady even during vigorous actions.

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This Alaska Life Selfie Stick is waterproof, and you can use it for underwater activities without any hesitations. It is very much resistant to corrosion, and as a result, you can use it for various outdoor and vigorous sports.

The presence of safety string connected to the handle will hang over your wrist, and it adds up the overall security.

One of the most noted drawbacks of this selfie stick is the absence of the Bluetooth system. As a result, you will be compelled to set a timer or should rely on sophisticated camera apps during photo sessions. But there is a hidden advantage of this drawback. If there was a Bluetooth system in this selfie stick, then it will be quite difficult to use it in rough conditions including underwater. With that being said a selfie stick which is tailor-made for rugged conditions, the absence of a bluetooth system is nothing but an added advantage!!!

Final Verdict
This product has an overall rating of more than 4.8 stars on Amazon, and it clearly indicates its impeccability. It should be noted that no customer has given a one-star rating for this product. The customer service offered by the makers is top-notch. Instead of providing an email address, they have provided a direct contact number in the instruction manual, so that the customers can make a ring to clear their queries.
“Buy Alaska Life® Selfie Stick and turn your adventurous journey a memorable one”.