GoPro Alternative Sports Action Cameras for Skydiving

Skydiving is an extreme hobby which makes it difficult to record videos with regular cameras as most of them are not suited for harsh conditions. Many believe that only GoPro cameras are adequate for skydiving, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth: there are multiple alternatives available in the market. Some of them offer better quality for a lower price. Here is a list of the best choices out there.

What is the Best Sports Action Camera for Skydiving?


Contour+2 is a premium device that is easily one of the best cameras for skydiving. If you are looking for quality that even trumps giants like the GoPro Hero 2, you will not be disappointed.

The tube-like gadget packs an ultra-wide-angle camera which takes stunning videos in full HD at 60fps. The video quality is exemplary: movement feels fluid and crisp, the colors are vivid and pronounced, and the contrast is top-tier. The cylindrical design is ideal for skydiving as you can attach it to your helmet while descending the skies. You also get a gratuitous 4GB microSD card upon purchase, which sweetens the deal.

Conversely, Contour+2 is sold at an exorbitant price of $360, which might dissuade everyone except for ardent skydiving enthusiasts from buying the product.

In conclusion, this camera is meant for those who are willing to spend a considerable amount of money for guaranteed high-caliber quality.

VehoMuvi HD10

Sometimes you need a small, low-budget device that is both practical and effective – VehoMuvi HD10 fits that description.

It is a full HD waterproof camera with an LCD screen. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as skydiving or scuba diving because of its low weight and petite size. It comes with an extremely wide lens for the 720p mode which is comparable to that of the GoPro. One of the primary selling points of this product is its cheap price at only $150 dollars. This makes it
perfect for those whose budget is low yet still want a state-of-the-art camera.

On the other hand, if you opt to record in 1080p with this camera, you are going to have to deal with 30FPS and a lower zoom in capacity. This is not a recommended device for professional photographers who only settle for the best of the best in terms of quality.

In essence, VehoMuvi HD10 is great for casual skydivers who want to record spectacular scenes for their friends and family. However, if you are looking for a more serious piece of tech, you should skip this one.

Drift Innovation HD Ghost

Unique features and a practical design set this camera apart from its competitors. It is a modern device that is a perfect blend of affordability and quality.

The design is similar to that of the aforementioned Counter+2 action camera – a bullet-shaped body that can be attached to helmets. However, this camera is renowned for its sleek appearance and admirable length. It is capable of excellent video capturing which rivals cameras that are much more expensive than its price of $250. It also boasts interesting features such as Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphones and compatibility with popular applications.

A major downside of the Drift Innovation HD Ghost is its convoluted camera menu system which is a chore to maneuver.

To sum up, this device is a balanced option for people who do not want to invest unreasonable amounts of money into professional cameras, but also want a higher standard of quality.


Choosing GoPro sports action cameras for skydiving is definitely not the only way to go when it comes to action cameras. There are plenty of competitive options in the market which stand toe to toe with the brand – some even manage to outdo it.