GoPro Alternative Sports Action Camera for Snowboarding

The perfect trick on your snowboard matters even if you have no one to show it, but it will certainly be better if you could show it as you nail it. When it comes to capturing the action, GoPro is by far the first choice for most. But you want to do it with a GoPro alternative snowboarding action camera!

We don’t know what you have got against the GoPro, but certainly we think that there are options out there without the hype of GoPro but packs quite the same punch as any choice of GoPro.

Can You Go Without A GoPro Sports Action Cam?

Any action camera for snowboarding should be light-weight, comfortably mountable, have high clarity video recording and capture wide angle video of your snowboarding stunts. Here you explore what we think are the 3 best alternatives you have if you are not going GoPro.

iON Air Pro 3

We will start with the budget friendly option among the alternatives. iON cameras are considerably cheaper options compared to your GoPro cameras of the same specs. iON action cameras are sleek and built for durability. And Air Pro 3 is no exception.

With its cylindrical design and very compact size, this one snugly fits on your helmet when you are up to your snowboarding tricks. Or you can prop it easily on a self-made mount facing skyward to capture your flying moment.

  • We will give it an “Ease of Use” rating of 5 stars – for simple controls that are easy to use.
  • The Air Pro 3 can record at 1080p at 60 frames per second, which all things considered gives a fairly crisp video.
  • It has a battery life of 2.5 hours which may reduce in extreme climates.
  • The Pro 3 app, will throw you a live feed of the camera angle on your mobile so you can place the camera for the perfect shot.

Our verdict is that iON Air Pro 3 is great value for money.

Panasonic HX-A500

Well, this one had to pack a punch. We had to feature this one for the slightly more serious Action Camera fanatic out there. For starters this one is capable of some serious 4K recording at 25fps. That’s good enough to take pictures off your pictures. With its wide angle lens and crisp focus this one will make each snowflake standout as you sail through the air.

The Panasonic Action cameras come in two separate units – the camera lens and the processing unit. The camera can be worn on the helmet or chest and you can keep the processing unit in your suit, as it records every one of your stunts.

This actually makes the unit easier to wear. It gives you an output of 9.03MP motion image and 8.34MP static images. The company says that this camera has angle of view of approximately 160° in normal shooting mode. The unit comes with a full colour LCD screen for previews.

When you are using the Panasonic HX-A500, you can rest assured that it has an image stabilizer that reduces blur, so that your shots come in more clear than ever before.

This one is a great buy if you want the quality of high end GoPro without the hassles of the brand, HX-A500 is the way to go.

Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V 4K

This one is the bang for all you high clarity Snowboarding Action Video makers out there. Sony did us all a favour by building this beast. If there is going to be a camera that stands up to the high end GoPros, it is the FDR-X1000V. Even the best GoPro enthusiast would not deny this one.

The camera is pretty light weight and robust has pretty compact dimensions as suits an action camera you take out on your snowboarding circuit. But the real beast in this beauty is the 4K resolution video recording at a whopping 30fps. If that isn’t high performance, we don’t know what is! Your stills that you extract while editing will have higher quality than any lower resolution options. The angle of view is approximately 170 degrees without image stabilization; lesser chances of a part of you getting missed out in the video.

The effective motion image output is 8.8MP and so is the output for the static image. It also comes with image stabilization software that is good at eliminating image distortion from low pitch movement.

No GoPro? Go the GoPro Alternative way!

If you want to capture all subtle details of your snowboarding, you better choose this one; it stands one better than the Panasonic anyway and will give any high end GoPro a run for its money.

Throw the Hype If you are not carried away by the hype of the GoPro, you must know that your alternative options are just as good as GoPro.