Galaxy S5: How To Move Or Copy Photos/Videos/Music To SD Card

You can easily move photos, documents, files, music, photos, videos, pictures to your SD on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Remember i suggest to always copy first (instead of move) because these Galaxy’s are notorious for corrupting SD cards especially San Disk. I always now use Samsung SD card as i have corrupted numerous SanDisk SD Cards on all my Galaxy S phones.

After you copy and move the files to your SD Card (external memory) make sure the thumb nail is good (not black or has a lighting bolt on it) and just double check and open it up to make sure all is good. Once good you can go back onto your devices memory (internal memory) and delete it.

Subs would be greatly appreciated.

Note: If you happen to delete your photos or videos by accident you can recover them if your phone is rooted (jail broken for Iphone) with a simple app. Hopefully that part of the memory was not overwritten with later photo and videos.


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