The Best Go Pro Stick Review

NEW 2016 The evolution of the Go Pro Selfie Stick, Monopod, GoPole, GoScope, 3-Axis Brushless gimbals and some tips and tricks.

The Advantages Of Using A Real Go Pro Stick

The GoPro® Hero camera is a wonderful gadget,  there’s no wonder it has become so popular over such a short period of time. Action and adventure are part of our human nature, we all want to feel the thrill every now and then, in order to spice up our lives. If we can turn these moments into priceless memories, it’s even better. With a GoPro camera and a handful of accessories, everybody can capture some amazing pieces of the action.

The GoPro is quite a compact compact sports action camera, yet a little difficult to use handheld while enjoying the moment. It’s much better to attach it on a pole or something, so that you can move freely while recording your videos. This is why a Go Pro stick should be among the first accessories you have to consider right after you buy your camera.

If you don’t believe it, just go out and try to find other people using their cameras. You can go to some ultimate snowboarding competition or some surfing match. There are good chances to find at least one athlete or viewer shooting the game with the help of this amazing camera attached to a Go Pro stick. You are going to understand why you can’t obtain the same type of shooting by using your bare hands to hold the camera.

Here are some Go Pro Sticks and Do-it-Yourself Picks  below:


GoScope Extreme – Telescoping Pole / Monopod: Expands 17″ out to 37″

GoScope extreme 37

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Smatree® SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole

Smatree SmaPole S1 All aluminum alloy

Amazon Discount Link:


CamKix Telescopic 14″ to 40″ Pole for Gopro Hero


Amazon Discount Link:


Bobber – Floating Hand Grip for GoPro® HERO Cameras

Bobber floating handgrip

Amazon Discount Link:


KumbaCam 3 Axis Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro


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Do-It-Yourself Sticks

Ski Poles

Ski poles diy2

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Rubbermaid Commercial Lacquered-Wood Handle with Threaded Metal Tip, Natural

mop stick

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GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp Mount

jaws clamp

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GoPro Roll Bar Mount


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Mr. Long Arm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole, 6-to-12 Foot

Long Arm extension pole

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Thanks to the Go Pro Stick

You can shoot very close to the ground level. This helps you capture more accurately the essence of the game. Films and photos taken from this height are always impressive, yet it’s impossible to obtain a steady shooting while laying down in the grass. With the pole, things get much easier, as all you have to do is make sure it is firmly attached to the camera, turn it upside down and start running along the filed, waiting for amazing moments in the game. You are going to need a lot of editing, but the result is going to be well worth it. Modern technology can help even the clumsiest individual produce decent outcomes.

The other advantage of the GoPro stick is that you can shoot yourself while walking and talking. You can create some amazing footage to edit later on, bu simply walking and telling your stories. If you have a travel blog or you are involved in the tourism industry, you are going to find this opportunity quite useful for creating exquisite promos for your walking tours and who knows what else you may want to promote.

Even if you are only a tourist seeking to shoot some memorable sequences, you still need this kind of equipment. Luckily, you won’t need a big budget, as prices have decreased a lot since the launch of the GoPro. If you can get a stick, a case and a bag to store your equipment when not in use, you should be ready to take on the world. Besides, if you are an adventure lover, you are going to be excited to shoot yourself doing things other don’t even dream about. Your friends are going to love your vacation videos.



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