2017 Top 5 GoPro Selfie Stick Reviews For Snow, Surf, And Travel

Find the best selfie stick or pole for GoPro Hero5, 4, 3+ accessories and mounts.
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The GoPro Stick vs GoPro Pole

Whether you’re searching for a GoPro Selfie Stick, GoPro Stick, or GoPro Pole there is no need to look further because they serve the same purpose for any sports action camera. The GoPro Selfie Stick adds another level to your action cams ability to get you those great shots. With a GoPro extension pole mount it will expand the vista and can get amazing shots and capture moments impossible to get with just your action camera.

Instead of being limited to just your arms length a selfie stick adds 48 additional inches to increase your view. This allows you to capture group pictures with everyone in the picture. In a stand up crowd at graduations or sports events, no problem you can reach over the crowd and get that great shot.

What are the Top 5 GoPro Selfie Stick this Year?

1) Selfie Stick, GoPro Hero5, 4, 3 & Camera Monopod, Best & Highest Rated Universal Selfie Stick. Alaska Life®

Selfie-Stick GoPro Stick Pole Alaska Life

Amazon Discount Link:  http://amzn.to/1Sa7Osp

  • WE LOVE OURS, and we want YOU to love YOURS as well! We offer our selfie stick with a 100% guarantee because we truly want our customers to find value in their purchase. End up not liking your new GoPro pole? No problem…we have you covered!
  • UNIVERSAL: Use as an iPhone selfie stick, a GoPro selfie stick or pole, a DSLR monopod, and MORE! The ThrillPro has you covered. iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6s plus along with most Android smartphones (anything up to 80mm wide) are completely compatible along with all versions of sports action cameras! We want you to enjoy using your new extension pole and begin capturing YOUR memories!
  • MOST RUGGED & DURABLE, CAMERA EXTENSION POLE (36″), & COMPATIBLE WITH TRIPODS! -Made by Alaskans for those who need dependable gear! Our pole is totally waterproof (no electronic parts or Bluetooth) to go with you anywhere. An extra 1/4×20 thread on the bottom attaches to tripods making it a self standing monopod!
  • CAPTURE YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PLACES! – Start recording memories of what matters in your life…your favorite people in your favorite places. You will look back at your photos taken with the ThrillPro and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. Make your memories now!
  • PERFECT GIFT! – Know someone who would love to upgrade their photo and video shots? Get one for yourself and one for a friend! Order 2 or more and save 10% (see code below). Comes with a FREE carabiner ($6.99 value) to attach securely to your bag. Get started capturing your adventures – B00LUFLG20!

2) Smatree® SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole (15.8″to 40.5″) Integrated with Tripod Mount/Nut for GoPro Hero5, Hero4 Session, Hero4 Black/Silver, 3+, 3, 2, 1 HD Cameras + Aluminum Thumbscrew/Wrench (Lifetime Warranty)

Smatree SmaPole S1 All aluminum alloy

Amazon Discount Link: http://amzn.to/1LrCyQe

  • Full aluminium-alloy design, lighter and stronger, for lifetime use
  • CNC molded fixed tripod mount with a built-in nut, never mind about losing the nut
  • Secure extendable SmaPole S1 allows quick length adjustments from 15.8″ to 40.5″, and it can offer the optimum shooting effect
  • B00M3Y539Y Contents: 1x SmaPole S1; 1x Smatree Wrenchboy; 1x Aluminum Thumbscrew(Blue); 1x Plastic Thumbscrew(Black); 1x Blue Rope; 1x User Guide
  • Light Weight: 6.7 ounces. Lifetime quality warranty


3) GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends 17-40 Inches, Aluminum Tripod Mount and Thumb Screw, Nylon Carry Bag (black)

GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero

Amazon Discount Link: http://amzn.to/1Sa8e29

  • SUPERIOR COMPONENTS – Our extension pole comes with a CNC aluminum thumbscrew and aluminum GoPro compatible tripod mount, which connect GoPro Hero5 Black, 4, 3+, 3, 2, & 1 cameras to the pole with computer precision and prevent camera shake.
  • TWIST LOCKING SYSTEM – Our aluminum tube telescoping pole has a twist locking system that allows you to easily adjust the pole from 17″ to 40″, which means it can be used as a camera grip for static or close-up shots when fully collapsed, or as a pole mount for capturing POV footage, selfies, and follow-cam when partially or fully extended.
  • MADE FROM WATERPROOF MATERIALS – You can use our telescoping extension pole for Go Pro in any environment or weather condition making it the perfect choice for outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing and kayaking, as well as underwater adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • BONUS NYLON CARRY BAG ($6.95 value) – Our professional grade GoPro monopod comes with a nylon tote bag with adjustable shoulder strap and cinch-cord opening for you to store and carry your best Go Pro accessory in wherever life takes you, giving you peace of mind and hands-free travel.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE B00M2A9H8C – Our adjustable selfie stick comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect for as long as you own it, allowing you to buy with confidence and enjoy the wonderful experience of using your GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ or earlier model Hero digital camera.


4) Smatree SmaPole S2 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole with Aluminum Thumbscrew for GoPro Hero5, Hero4 Session, Hero4 Black/Silver, 3+, 3, 2, 1 HD Cameras (15.8″-40.5″)

Smatree SmaPole S2

Amazon Discount Link: http://amzn.to/1Sa7VV3

  • Made of lightweight aluminum for durability, solidity, mobility
  • CNC molded fixed tripod mount with a built-in nut, never mind about losing the nut
  • Secure extendable SmaPole S2 allows quick length adjustments from 15.8″to 40.5″, and it can offer the optimum shooting effect
  • Smatree WiFi Remote Controller Housing allows you conveniently attach your WiFi Remote to SmaPole ( Wifi Remote Controller not included ), so you can easily start or stop shooting while your pole is high up in the air
  • Content: 1x SmaPole S2; 1x WiFi Remote Controller Housing; 1x Smatree Wrenchboy; 1x Aluminum Thumbscrew(Blue); 1x Plastic Thumbscrew(Black); 1x Black Rope; 1x User Guide


5) GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24″ Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent)


Amazon Discount Link:  http://amzn.to/1YA3VAy

  • 2-Stage Floating Telescoping Body – Extends from 14″ up to 24″, Fully tighten twist Extension lock to form a watertight seal
  • Direct GoPro Connection – No adapters needed
  • 1/4″-20 Threaded Insert – Connect attachments or mount to tripods
  • Wrist Strap Attachment – Firmly secure to wrist
  • Wi-Fi Remote Clip B00B3YJG5C – Control camera from your fingertips

Benefits Of a GoPro Selfie Stick

1. Allows You To Take Wider Photos.

The main benefit that you are going to get from one of these sticks is the ability to take a lot wider photos. Because you are going to be able to mount your GoPro on a selfie stick, you will be able to extend the stick so that everyone can easily fit within the frame of the camera. This is going to make it so you can literally fit 10 or more people in one single photo. This is great for anyone that is going a tour and/or anyone that is traveling with a bunch of people.

2. No More Asking People To Take Photos.

It is very likely if you go traveling that you are going to be asked by someone to take a photo of them. It is also likely that you are going to ask other people the same thing. This is because taking a photo of yourself is something that everyone wants to do while on vacation enjoying the moment. With that being said, fitting your group into a photo along with the background can be difficult and sometimes borderline impossible. The good news is that with a selfie stick, you are going to be able to avoid having to ask anyone to take a photo of you and your group because you will be able to do so with ease with your very own GoPro stick.

3. You Won’t Need a Tripod.

A lot of people think that they need to get a professional tripod in order to take good photos with their entire group in it or with a certain thing in the background. The fact is, while you might have once needed to carry one around with you everywhere, you no longer need to do so. With a selfie stick, you are going to be able to take stable and very good photos of you and your family/friends on vacation. In most cases it is going to be a lot more convenient to carry around your selfie stick than it would be to carry around a huge tripod.

Go Pro 3 Way Grip, Arm and TripodGo Pro 3 Way Grip, Arm and Tripod

As you can see, there are plenty of different unique benefits that you are going to be able to enjoy by investing in a selfie stick. Not only are you going to be able to get better photos all around, but you will be able to get much more clear photos as well.

Maybe you just want to take selfies a little further away from your face or with a favorite pet. The possibilities are endless.




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