47th Street Photo Good GoPro Selfie Stick

Since the corporate was founded, GoPro has all the time been researching ways to place its action cameras in areas most cameras simply cannot go. This needs resulted in a few of the coolest looking and remarkable photographs taken throughout the last decade. No matter what the customers do to accept such excellent videos is usually a result of all the completely different popular accessories intended for GoPro Hero Action HD cameras.

gopro helmet mountNonetheless, since Hero HD customers are very an inventive bunch of people, the Good GoPro Selfie Stick has been used in many various situations that the original designers had in no way aimed for. For example, skiers have utilized the selfie stick to capture quite fascinating footage. Some skiers have mounted their action cameras to the very end of their poles, holding rid of them to filming themselves at a distance. Others have mounted their cameras on an extended arm mounted on their helmets to offer an incredible viewpoint. The different locations to attach your action camera by utilizing the pole mount are infinite. There are several limits to wherein the pole mount might be attached though think safety first.

How Do You Select A Good GoPro Selfie Stick?

gopro underwaterTaking videos every now and then to record and preserve extreme experiences has become a trend. Since almost all smartphones come with exceptional cameras, it has become effortless to capture great shots. However, you wouldn’t want to depend on other people to record you using your action camera. Besides, they might not capture the activity you’re doing the way you want it. Fortunately, the 47th Street Photo selfie stick was invented. In essence, it is a telescopic camera grip and is comparable to a monopod, which is often used by professional photographers for taking snapshots.

Action Camera Selfie Sticks were first used in Asia, but they have now become commonly used by people all over the world, wherever and whenever they love to take selfies. You can enjoy numerous advantages when using them to take pictures and record video of memorable moments in life. First of all, it is quite obvious that such a product allows you to take group pictures or capture shots while doing your favorite activity with ease. Since the sticks are a lot longer than your hand, you can extend the camera in such a way that you can include more people in your group selfies. Another benefit these sticks have to offer is their ease of use, because they are both compact and lightweight.

It is therefore convenient and handy to take along selfie sticks since they are easy to hide in your bag or backpack without any hassle. These things are portable as they can be brought wherever you go. To get a nice selfie, just make sure that you go through a user manual. Selfie sticks can extend up to a maximum of 100 cm and can be adjusted to a desired length in between. Again, this makes it beneficial since it lets you take a selfie or group selfie from the distance that you want. In addition to this, this can be bent up to 180 degrees, enabling you to place your cell phone in the proper position to capture the best possible shot.

Some selfie sticks for GoPro comes with a Bluetooth remote that is compatible with various models and manufacturers of smartphones and action cameras. So, whenever you buy one, you can be sure that it will work with your electronic gadget brand. With the remote, you can manage the shutter of the camera from a distance, making it easy to take photos once you are ready.

One more advantage of using a GoPro pole is that it comes with a rubber grip, so there is no danger that it will slip from your hand. This feature will keep you from dropping your sports action camera and causing damage to it. The GoPro Stick also let you take clearer and sharper shots. There will be no shaking because the camera is steadily gripped by the stick and not by the hands. Finally, these products are available at low prices and in a range of colors.

This Is Why You Need a Selfie Stick

hero 4I recently purchased a GoPro Hero3+ camera and am completely satisfied with the product. This product has been around for some time, so I decided to make a video on YouTube purely on the unboxing of the camera,

My primary camera that I use to make my videos is a Sony Cyber-Shot, however, I was looking for a camera that I would be able to take with me and film while driving or doing some other physical activity. The GoPro gives you the ability, through their wide range of accessories to mount the camera on most surfaces.

After the unboxing, the contents of the camera are as follows: USB cable, Manuals and three different mounts, two of which are adhesive that can be placed on most surfaces for best performance.

Overall, this action camera is a great edition to my collection and I will be filming many videos in the future. If you are looking for an mid-range action camera, then look no further. GoPro is a dependable camera with some flaws but the overall functionality of the device far out way the cons. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking to film in full HD with a wide angle lens.

Three Awesome Accessories For Your GoPro Action Camera

gopro hero 4 silverThis simple, easy to follow guide will help you to keep your GoPro in like-new condition so you can continue capturing your most incredible moments.

Taking proper care of your GoPro will extend the life of your camera and the quality of the videos you shoot! While some steps are predictable, there are some great tips in this guide.

Step 1)

After every GoPro worthy excursion, your camera will undoubtedly be wet, dirty, sandy etc. The first step is to simply remove the camera from its case taking care to avoid considerable pieces of dirt and sand. These can cause damage to the lens and will basically ruin your GoPro.

Step 2)

Take the casing you have just removed and rinse it thoroughly beneath a regular tap. Try to avoid hard water or salt water if possible as these will leave residue on the casing. Be sure to get all the grit and sand out of the corners.

Step 3)

Now a little trick. To avoid waiting for the case to dry, or the chance of scratching the lens with rag (especially if there is sand residue) grab a hair blow dryer.

This is far superior to leaving your gear in a pile or throwing it in bag because this will avoid scratching the lens, losing any accessories or accidental smashing or damaging of your equipment.

Step 7)

The final step is to ensure that the interior of your storage case is clean. This step is often overlooked. Perhaps you left the case open outside for a period of time on a previous adventure and dust or grit has settled into your case.

Firstly, tip it upside down to get any boulder sized pieces out, then use either a handheld “mini” vacuum or your trusty blow drier to remove the finer particles.

I hope this guide helps you increase the lifespan and use of your GoPro. Now you can be a little more worry free knowing that your equipment is well cared for! After all, the whole point of the GoPro is to capture your most incredible moments without having to worry about ruining your camera. So go adventure!